Marian Ross Artist, Visionary & Owner of Follow Your Art Inc.

‘Follow Your Art’ is not only a physical location and result of a vision; but literally, empowering words to live by!

2012 – After finding her art manipulating glass fragments onto an aged window substrate, ‘Panes of Promise’ became her passion. The sunlight dancing through the colorful panes gives promise by the sun of peaceful serenity. This positive feeling became prominent motivation to pursue this Art after raising her kids.

2018 – Spinning from glass art came seashell manipulation and her ‘Timeless Collection’.  Broken shells become sought after as she began building scenic depictions of nursery rhymes and captured activities.

2020 — Landed new challenges from the start navigating a worldwide pandemic, yet Marian never hesitated to pursue her vision as ‘Follow Your Art’ became reality to bring it all together. Local artists are invited to share their art inside the Gift Gallery to showcase their works for sale. Artists are also welcome to offer instruction of their craft to others through our Workshop Studio.

Words to live by motivate Marian… a positive, creative environment is where she prefers to be. Thank you for continuing to ‘Follow Your Art’!

Follow Your Art has become a stable to the area, and a creative connection for families and friends to get together; as well as, local artists to share their talents with the community. With featured pieces, creative & fun workshops available weekly, CLICK Workshops to see our Workshop Calendar, Marian has brought her vision and art to light in the darkest of times.

If you are a local artist or family looking to stay connected to our activities, be sure to sign up below for email updates that share our programs, upcoming events, workshops, in store deals, and good works we are doing.

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