Our Story

Marian Ross, Owner and creator of Follow Your Art Inc.

Our story starts like all the great ones do, with a little idea. Marian has worked and lived in the Ebensburg, PA area for her entire life. After years of working in an office, she found her art designing window panes as an escape from the corporate world and its day to day. Then one day she had an idea, if only there was a place locally that featured local artist, and helped others find their artistic talents. So she decided to create it herself, she left the corporate world and with the help and support from her family, was able to open Follow Your Art Inc. in Ebensburg, Pa. All with the goal of providing a space where people could escape from the day to day and find their art. However, forces outside of Marian’s control made this task more challenging than its original thought. Marian had started this great adventure at the end of 2019, and as they worked to get the shop ready to open in 2020, COVID Pandemic hit the area as it had for the entire USA. This did not stop Marian, she chose to make lemonade out of the lemons she was handed and opened the shop in May 2020, the day the stay at home orders were lifted. Since then Follow Your Art has become a stable to the downtown area, and a creative hub for families and friends to get together, and local artist to share their talents with the community. With featured pieces and fun workshops available weekly, click here to see our workshop schedule, Marian has brought her idea and her art to light in the darkest of times. If you are a local artist or family looking for activities in the area feel free to reach out, here, for more information on our work. If you would like to stay connected be sure to sign up below for our monthly newsletter that shares our upcoming events and workshops, in store deals, and updates on the local shows and good works we are doing.

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